Explain object oriented programming.

Explain object oriented programming.

Object oriented programming uses objects to design applications. This technique is designed to isolate data. The data and the functions that operate on the data are combined into single unit. This unit is called an object. Each object can have properties and member functions. You can call member function to access data of an object. It is based on several techniques like encapsulation, modularity, polymorphism, and inheritance.

What are the characteristics of Object Oriented programming language?

Some key features of the Object Oriented programming are :
- Emphasis on data rather than procedure.
- Programs are divided into entities known as objects.
- Data Structures are designed such that they characterize objects.
- Functions that operate on data of an object are tied together in data structures.
- Data is hidden and cannot be accessed by external functions.
- Objects communicate with each other through functions
- New data and functions can be easily added whenever necessary.
- Follows bottom up design in program design.

What are the basic Concepts used in the Object-Oriented Programming language?

- Object
- Class
- Data Abstraction and Encapsulation
- Polymorphism
- Inheritance
- Message passing
- Dynamic binding.
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