Segmentation violation

Explain the meaning of "Segmentation violation".

A segmentation violation usually indicates an attempt to access memory which doesn't even exist.

Segmentation violation usually occurs at the time of a program’s attempt for accessing memory location, which is not allowed to access. The following code should create segmentation violation.
main() {
char *hello = “Hello World”;
*hello = ‘h’;

At the time of compiling the program, the string “hello world” is placed in the binary mark of the program which is read-only marked. When loading, the compiler places the string along with other constants in the read-only segment of the memory. While executing a variable *hello is set to point the character ‘h’ , is attempted to write the character ‘h’ into the memory, which cause the segmentation violation. And, compiler does not check for assigning read only locations at compile time.
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