Processing Program Table(PPT), Program control Table(PCT), File Control Table(FCT)

Explain Processing Program Table(PPT), Program control Table(PCT), File Control Table(FCT).

Processing Program Table(PPT):
- It register all CICS application program as its Primary Funtion.
- Also register BMS mapsets.
- It keep record of applications that are loaded on the CICS address space.
- These informations determine whether a new copy of the program need to be loaded from Disk or it exist on storage.
- It store information as location in memory.
- Disk library address and language used.

Program control Table(PCT):
- Control information of all CICS Transactions is Registerd as primary work.
- It identifies Priorty level of Transaction.
- It contains list of valid trans-id.
- Paired with the name of Program CICS will load when the transaction is initiated with that transition identifier.
- It identifies Security level(RSLC) of Transaction.

File Control Table(FCT):
- The control information of all files under CICS are registered as their primary function.
- It Tell whether the files can be read Sequentialy or Randomly.
- It also tell whether the files Deleted or Modified.
- It contain the Name and Type of each file.
- It List the file control operations that are valid for each file.
- TCT(Terminal Control Table) is used to register Terminals.
How do you terminate an already issued DELAY command?
DELAY command - With the help of cancel command of CICS. And given the required id i.e to be terminated.
What CICS command do you need to obtain the user logon-id?
ASSIGN command of CICS is used to obtain user login-id.....
What is BMS Map?
What is BMS Map? - It stands for Basic Mapping Support System. Its objective is to free the Application Program.
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