What is CMMI? Explain the advantages of implementing CMMI - CMMI

What is CMMI? Explain the advantages of implementing CMMI.

Capability Maturity Model Integration: CMMI is an approach to improve process which provides enterprises with essential elements of effective processes in order to ultimately improve their performance. CMMI could be used as a standard guide process for a division, a process, or an entire enterprise.

Advantages of Implementing CMMI practices

The process implementing is simpler in certain enterprises. The appropriate plan for process improvement projects is done, the implementation of the practices in CMMI model are more efficient. They require very less time and resources. The following are the advantages:

a. The implementing challenges are highly influenced by the size of the organization and the extent of institutionalization.

b. These practices are efficient and flexible. The reason behind it is, the processes have not been hardened over time.

c. It is more efficient and flexible to communicate information and receiving it.

What is CMMI? Explain the advantages of implementing CMMI.

Capability maturity model integration is a process improvement approach for organizations to comply and maintain quality and process improvement. It helps organizations to integrate separate functions, set goals and priorities, provide guidance, and assess current processes.

Advantages of implementing CMMI:

a. Detailed coverage of the product life cycle than other process-improvement products used alone.

b. CMMI provides an opportunity to eliminate the stovepipes and barriers that typically exist in different parts of an organization and that typically are not addressed otherwise

c. CMMI products incorporate lessons learnt that were learnt as a result of many other standard processes. Therefore they inherently, handle some of the common problems faced by other process improvement approaches.

d. Promotes collaboration between systems and software engineering.

e. Allows users to choose model representation that best suits them and their objectives.
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