Don't embedding contact information in the text in your CV

Don't embed contact information in the text.

Suppose you receive a menu card from a restaurant which has all the good recipes, affordable price and says "Free home delivery". You decide to place an order with them but when you start looking out for a contact number, you are not able to find one. It is embedded somewhere in the text on the back or badly placed. What would be your reaction? Won’t you be irritated?

Same happens when the contact information is badly placed in a CV. Ensure that your contact information like e-mail address, phone number, contact address is easy to find.

Try to keep these details towards the top, so that if your CV is shortlisted, the HR people can find it easily.
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CV sample
E-Mail: / Contact: XXXXXXX / XXXXXXXX

Inclination to grow and evolve into a true professional in the domain of Software Development (Java Core & Advanced) with multifaceted skills and to be an invaluable asset to the organization

Career Snapshot
An aspiring individual with M.C.A from _________.
Possesses strong knowledge & understanding of subjects like Computer Networt,C++,Software Engineering, DBMS, OOPS, Java, etc.
Strong collaboration & team building skills with proficiency at grasping new concepts
A keen communicator with excellent interpersonal skills & the ability to grasp new concepts & utilize them in a productive manner.

Employment Scan (Experience:-1 year 5 months)

Working Technology _______ as Software Engineer, From ________


Developed the following:

Various websites in jsp and Servlets
Professional website made in JSP using servlets (many of them have been implemented in a working manner in the professional business environment).
Working area includes Servelts, JSP.mysql 5.0, Tomcat 6.0 and participated in various projects.

Academic Projects
Title :
Duration :
Synopsis :

Title :
Duration :
Organization :
Synopsis :

Title :
Duration :
Synopsis :

Personal Dossier
Date of Birth :
Languages Known :
Contact Address :
Adarsh 11-11-2011