Career MISTAKES you should avoid

Career MISTAKES you should avoid

Whether it is a candidate with good work experience or one who has just passed out of college and begun his career, everyone aspires for a career. In order to reach their goals fast many candidates do such mistakes which leave a mark on their career forever. As you want to prosper in your career, you must understand that the world is round and one mistakes of your can easily be communicated amongst large number of people. These can include the prospective employers and placement agencies that can get you the job. If you want your career to flourish, ensure that you refrain committing such mistakes:

Switching jobs frequently

Switching jobs frequently reflects badly on your CV. While looking for suitable candidates, companies refrain from hiring professionals who frequently switch jobs understanding the constant job switches means
  • Lack of commitment
  • Inability to stick to one role for long
  • Being unreliable
  • Being money-minded
  • Inability to get along with people
  • Lack of clarity in job profile
When you take up a job, try to ensure that you are getting into something which you will enjoy doing. Don’t get into a job just for the sake of picking up one. You will land up into frustration and will try to switch soon.

Jumping Industry

Don’t get into an industry just because it looks lucrative or glamorous from outside. Research the industry properly and get into one which really fits into your interest and skills. If you get into an industry just because your friend is into and earning well, you may again land up switching the job and industry as you discover that it doesn’t suit your interest.

Running after money

Don’t choose a job just because it earns you a couple of thousand rupees more. Take up a job which will give you a chance to grow and use your skills in the right way. Money always follows a good career. For e.g. you may choose to get in to a BPO job today because it pays you well and early but tomorrow you might lose interest as you won’t have much to do there and the chances to grow are also minimal.

Lies about your candidature

Don’t tell lies about your skills, qualifications or achievements which might have an impact on the selection process. They might get you a job initially but you may lose it anytime they are discovered.

Taking work for granted

Ensure that you perform your job with full commitment and responsibility. If you try to shirk away your responsibilities, the chances of you losing the job get higher. This attitude will not let you grow in your career and you will always find yourself looking out for a new job.


Always keep an element of honesty with every job you do. Even if you are leaving the job don’t handicap the company by taking away the confidential information or destroying the important data.


All your hard work will be wasted if you are not punctual and regular at work. If you need to be away from work for any reason, keep your superior and the team informed.

Choosing a career for money

It is difficult to get away from the charm that money offers but don’t take up a career just because it pays more. In a very short time you will realize that the charm of money has faded and you don’t want to continue the job.
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