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Chsarp.NET written/online mock test forms the first round of interview while judging freshers for Csharp.NET programming jobs. Reading books after books on Csharp.NET alone can't help you crack the interviews. Taking the example written tests is extremely important to make you confident. This is a set of 20 practice questions on Csharp.NET programming designed with a special focus on fresh graduates. Practice with this Csharp.NET multiple choice, objective, online test to crack the interview to your dream job.
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Here are few sample C#.NET test questions

You work as a Software Developer for uCertify Inc. You create an application using Visual Studio .NET 2005. You want to implement classes of the System.Collections namespace in the application. You also want to define size, enumerators, and synchronization methods for all non-generic collections. Which of the following interfaces will you use to accomplish the task?  

ICollection interface 
IList interface 
IEqualityComparer interface 
IComparer interface  

In C#, by default structs are passed how?   

By memory. 
By value. 
By reference. 
By address.   

Which property will you use to process different server paths in a page? 


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Explain the uses of boxing and unboxing in C#.NET.

Latest answer: Boxing and Unboxing are used to convert value types into reference types and vice versa. Developers often need to make some methods generic and hence create methods that accept objects rather than specific value types..................

Explain how to use the finally statement by providing sample code using C#.NET.

Latest answer: Finally statement is executed always irrespective of any condition or error occurring in a method. It is often used to cleanup code................ 

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C#.NET practice written test, online practice test

What is the wild card character in the SQL "like" statement?

% (Percent)
$ (Dollar)
# (Pound)

C#.NET practice written test 05-10-2012 05:06 AM

C#.NET practice written test, online practice test

How does assembly versioning in .NET prevent DLL Hell?

The runtime checks to see that only one version of an assembly is on the machine at any one time.
NET allows assemblies to specify the name AND the version of any assemblies they need to run.
The compiler offers compile time checking for backward compatibility.
It doesn’t.

C#.NET practice written test 05-10-2012 05:05 AM

C#.NET practice written test, online practice test

Choose the principle of object-oriented programming that allows object to exist as independent, interchangeable units of functionality without maintaining dependencies on other units of code.


C#.NET practice written test 05-10-2012 05:05 AM

C#.NET practice written test, online practice test

Which of the following is not correct for delegates?

It provides the functionality behind events.
It is a strongly typed function pointer.
It can be used to invoke a method without making an explicit call to that method.
It can not be used for creation of association between events and event handlers.

C#.NET practice written test 05-10-2012 05:05 AM


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