Science & Technology - Current Affairs for June, 2015

Science & Technology Current Affairs for June, 2015

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▼ India's first DEMU train launched in Kochi   [06-24-15]

The train is equipped with bio-toilets and fully vestibule for free movement of passengers between coaches.

▼ Bhuvan Ganga mobile app launched   [06-24-15]

Union Water Resources Minister Uma Bharti launched the Bhuvan Ganga Mobile Application. This will be used as a tool to support decision making and planning for the Clean Ganga Mission. Bhuvan Mobile App is a user-friendly application to enable public to collect and report information on various pollution sources that affects the water quality of river Ganga.

▼ Rajasthan top state for solar power   [06-24-15]

Rajasthan with an installed capacity of 1147 megawatt is followed by Gujarat (1000 MW), Madhya Pradesh (563.58MW), Maharashtra (363.7MW) and Andhra Pradesh (248.4MW).

▼ 30thJune 2015 to have extra/leap second   [06-21-15]

June 30 this year will officially be a bit longer than usual because an extra second, or 'leap' second, will be added to the day. Daniel MacMillan of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Centre said that the Earth's rotation is gradually slowing down a bit, so leap seconds are a way to account for that. Strictly speaking, a day lasts 86,400 seconds. That is the case, according to the time standard that people use in their daily lives - Coordinated Universal Time, or UTC. However, the mean solar day - the average length of a day, based on how long it takes Earth to rotate, is about 86,400.002 seconds long.

▼ SpaceX Falcon 9 bound for ISS explodes   [06-21-15]

The 19th Falcon 9 rocket of privately-owned SpaceX company was on its mission to the International Space Station (ISS) when it exploded about two minutes after lifting-off from Cape Canaveral air base in Florida.

▼ Prandtl m-Aircraft tested by NASA   [06-21-15]

Prandtl stands for the Preliminary Research Aerodynamic Design to Land on Mars and it was developed by NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Centre. It is a prototype of the Prandtl-m aircraft, touted as the first airplane to be launched on Mars between 2020 and 2024.

▼ eMigrate System, online registration system, launched for foreign employers who want to hire Indian nationals   [06-21-15]

India in June 2015 launched online registration system named eMigrate system ( for foreign employers (FEs) who wants to recruit Indian workers, including nurses. Under the system, FEs will have to register in the eMigrate system.

▼ Digital India Week launched from 1stJuly 2015   [06-21-15]

The Prime Minister would launch the Digital India Week on 1st July with a view to empower the people of the country through the Digital India Programme.

▼ Speed of 5G network- 20 Gbps   [06-21-15]

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) defined the speed of 5G (Fifth Generation) standard for mobile networking as 20 Gigabits per second (Gbps). A decision was taken in this regard at an ITU conference on 5G standard held at San Diego in California of USA between 10 June and 18 June 2015.

▼ Cuba stamps out HIV and syphilis from mother to child: WHO   [06-21-15]

WHO defines “elimination” of transmission as “reduction of transmission to such a low level that it no longer constitutes a public health problem.” A panel of international health experts visited Cuba in March and concluded that the country met the standards required for validation. In 2013, only two babies were born with HIV and five with congenital syphilis.

▼ NPPA launches Pharma Price Data Bank   [06-21-15]

This is the first data bank of Pharma industry that will help the manufacturers, regulator as well as the common masses. Now manufacturers can fill their mandatory forms online, the Government and NPPA can have comprehensive data, and consumers can benefit by having full information about the medicines.

▼ HAL delivers Chandrayaan 1 Orbiter Craft Module Structure to ISRO   [06-20-15]

The Orbiter Craft Module is a three-tonne category bus structure made out of a central composite cylinder, shear webs and deck panels. The Orbiter with scientific payloads will orbit around the moon and the Lander will soft land on the planet at a specified site and deploy the Rover. According to Indian Space Research organisation's plans, Chandrayaan-2 will be launched by a Geo-Stationary Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV-MKII) during the next two to three years.

▼ Narendra Modi app launched by Indian PM   [06-19-15]

The Android-based app, Narendra Modi mobile app is also aimed at giving a chance to people to interact with the Prime Minister and share ideas and suggestions. The App has several innovative features and it can be download from Play Store.

▼ Harmony of the Seas is the world's largest cruise ship   [06-20-15]

It is the name of the mammoth cruise liner of Royal Caribbean that is being constructed since 2013. The ship will carry 6,360 passengers along with 2,100 staff.

▼ Galaxy named after footballer Cristiano Ronaldo   [06-20-15]

Cristiano Ronaldo is also known as CR7 after his initials and jersey number. CR7 is three times brighter than the brightest distant galaxy known till now, called Himiko. This brightest galaxy was discovered in the early universe that contains the first generation of stars.

▼ China launches electric passenger aircraft   [06-20-15]

BX1E electric passenger aircraft was designed together by Shenyang Aerospace University and Liaoning General Aviation Academy located in the northeastern Liaoning Province of China.

▼ Taj Mahal gets Wi-Fi hotspot   [06-19-15]

Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad Honble MOC & IT, Govt of India inaugurated wi-fi hotspot zone created by BSNL at Historical monument Taj Mahal at Agra on 16th June 2015.

▼ India offers expertise in natural gas sector to Tanzania   [06-20-15]

The MoUs signed included a loan agreement between Exim Bank and Tanzanian government on a line of credit for 268.35 million dollars for extension of Lake Victoria pipeline project. The two countries inked eight MoUs in various fields including Agriculture, Tourism and Hydrography to expand engagement in different sectors. The agreements were signed after delegation level talks between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President of Tanzania Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete in New Delhi.

▼ Mobile app Sakaar launched by ISRO   [06-19-15]

The app consists of 3D models of Mars Mission, rockets, and videos of INSAT and 3D predicting cyclones. It can be downloaded through the website

▼ India to test reusable launch vehicle   [06-19-15]

The reusable launch vehicle will be landing first time in the ocean and the ultimate attempt is to make it land at an air-strip at Sriharikota.

▼ Philae spacecraft on Comet 67P awakens from hibernation   [06-19-15]

It is the first spacecraft in the space history to land on a comet. On 13 June 2015 the signals from the spacecraft were received at the European Space Operations Centre in Darmstadt, Germany. It was developed and launched as part of the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Rosetta mission.

▼ Austrian University develops first artificial leg capable of feeling pain   [06-18-15]

An Austrian amputee, who has worn the leg for six months, said he no longer slips on ice and can tell he was walking on gravel, concrete, grass or sand.

▼ Punjab makes village data available online   [06-18-15]

In Punjab, records of panchayats of all 13040 villages have been put on web and it has become first state of the country making village data available on Internet.

▼ Manu Prakash develops first water based computer   [06-19-15]

Manu Prakash is an Assistant Professor of Bioengineering at Stanford University. The results were published in the journal Nature Physics.

▼ NASA devises tool to measure and predict solar storms   [06-19-15]

The model is now undergoing testing, but if it’s robust, then scientists might finally have a tool to predict a CME’s magnetic configuration from afar. This means forecasters could give utility grid and satellite operators a full 24-hour advance warning to protect their systems – crucial time to protect their assets.

▼ INS Vikrant undocked at Kochi shipyard   [06-19-15]

The structural work of the ship was completed and undocking was part of the second phase of work on the carrier, which is expected to be complete by 2017.

▼ India declared free of maternal and neonatal tetanus in 2015: WHO   [06-19-15]

As per the WHO, the elimination of neonatal tetanus is defined as less than one case in 1000 live births in every district across the country. Abolishing a disease that was once responsible for 15% of deaths in the country is surely a matter of great pride. According to the experts, three major reasons for eradication of this disease were: 1.The increase in Maternal tetanus immunisation rates 2. Introduction of cash incentives for institutional deliveries & 3. Use of delivery kits that reduce contamination along with safe umbilical cord practices. Nagaland was the last Indian state to achieve maternal and neonatal tetanus elimination.

▼ NASA launches giant balloon testing technologies for Mars   [06-19-15]

The aircraft fitted with the largest parachute ever constructed was launched from a military base in Hawaii on 8th June’15. It was the second test of the saucer like device called the Low Density Supersonic Decelerator. During the first test in June last year, the parachute shredded to pieces on the way down. NASA modified the design.

▼ NASA to test supersonic parachutes in flying saucer launch   [06-18-15]

US space agency NASA will the largest parachute ever deployed during a flying saucer launch that will test new technologies for landing on Mars. The test flight of the flying saucer, known as the Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator, was broadcasted live on NASA's website from 11 PM Indian time.

▼ LHC commences with operations after 2 years back   [06-13-15]

Scientists are waiting for the first new data to begin flowing from the underground particle smasher, paving the way to a new era in physics. Today, the vast machine clattered proton beams together at much higher energies than were achieved during its first run in 2010-2013. This should allow physicists to hunt for signs of new scientific phenomena.

▼ Khoya Paya website launched for rescuing missing children   [06-13-15]

Information about missing and sighted children can be uploaded at this website. A lot of benefit will accrue through the Khoya Paya App as people in rural and backward areas too have access to internet.

▼ China introduces facial recognition ATM   [06-13-15]

The ATM machine was created by Tsinghua University and Hangzhou-based technology company Tzekwan.

▼ BIS app launched on 1stJune 2015   [06-13-15]

The status of any BIS Certification Licence can also be obtained using the application.