Database - Explain the ETL process in Data warehousing

Explain the ETL process in Data warehousing.

Extraction, Transformation and loading are different stages in data warehousing.

1) Extraction: In this phase, data is extracted from the source and loaded in a structure of data warehouse.

2) Transformation: After extraction cleaning process happens for better analysis of data.

3) Loading: After cleaning, data is loaded in the structure of data warehousing.

Explain the ETL process in Data warehousing.

- ETL is an important component in data warehousing architecture. The data from operational applications are copied into data warehouse staging area, from data warehouse staging area into data warehouse. Ultimately the from the data warehouse will be placed into a set of confirmed data marts that are accessible by data marts.

- The extraction of data, transforms values of inconsistent data, cleansing bad data, filtering data and loading the data into the destination database is the process ETL software performs. If a failure occurs by one ETL job, the remaining ETL jobs must respond appropriately.
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