Data structure - Define a linear and non linear data structure

Define a linear and non linear data structure.

Linear data fashion- Linked list is an example of linear data storage or structure. Linked list stores data in an organized a linear fashion. They store data in the form of a list.

Non Linear data structure- Tree data structure is an example of a non linear data structure. A tree has one node called as root node that is the starting point that holds data and links to other nodes.

Define a linear and non linear data structure.

Linear data structure: A linear data structure traverses the data elements sequentially, in which only one data element can directly be reached. Ex: Arrays, Linked Lists

Non-Linear data structure: Every data item is attached to several other data items in a way that is specific for reflecting relationships. The data items are not arranged in a sequential structure. Ex: Trees, Graphs
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B, sc
Data structure=structure mean organization. so data structure means organization of data in temporary memory. ..
Muhammad Hamayoon 03-21-2017
data structutre
sorry the subject is data structure no bioinformatic
Qamar 03-6-2017
A data is said to be linear if the data or element to form level by level or sequence and
the other hand Non linear a data structure is said to be Non linear if the element or data cannot form a level by level or sequence
qamar 03-6-2017
data structures
tell me anything about linear data structures
abid Ayoub 04-28-2016
Data Structure
DS is a organized collection of data or organized data + operations.
Sergio Moises Macarringue 02-7-2016
Data structure
A logic or mathemetical modal of a perticula organization od data is called data structura it has two types linear or non linear
Krishna 02-25-2015
String is a library class which is beind called whenever deckared
Arunava 08-21-2014
is string comes in linear data structure??
is string is primitive?
nishi 12-8-2013