Data warehousing: Difference between Data warehousing and Business Intelligence.

Explain the difference between Data warehousing and Business Intelligence.

Data Warehousing helps you store the data while business intelligence helps you to control the data for decision making, forecasting etc.

Data warehousing using ETL jobs, will store data in a meaningful form. However, in order to query the data for reporting, forecasting, business intelligence tools were born.

Explain the difference between Data warehousing and Business Intelligence.

The management of different aspects like development, implementation and operation of a data warehouse is dealt by data warehousing. It also manages the meta data, data cleansing, data transformation, data acquisition persistence management, archiving data.

In business intelligence the organization analyses the measurement of aspects of business such as sales, marketing, efficiency of operations, profitability, and market penetration within customer groups. The typical usage of business intelligence is to encompass OLAP, visualization of data, mining data and reporting tools.
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