Data warehousing: Explain sequence clustering algorithm.

Explain sequence clustering algorithm.

- The Microsoft Sequence Clustering algorithm is a sequence analysis algorithm provided by Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services.

- This algorithm is used to explore data that contains events that can be linked by following paths, or sequences.

- The algorithm finds the most common sequences by grouping, or clustering, sequences that are identical.

The following are some examples of data that contain sequences which might be used for data mining, to provide insight about common problems or business scenarios:

1. Click paths that are created when users navigate or browse a Web site.

2. Logs that list events preceding an incident, such as hard disk failure or server deadlocks.

3. Transaction records that describe the order in which a customer adds items to a shopping cart at an online retailer.

4. Records that follow customer (or patient) interactions over time, to predict service cancellations or other poor outcomes.

- This algorithm is similar in many ways to the Microsoft Clustering algorithm.

- However, instead of finding clusters of cases that contain similar attributes, the Microsoft Sequence Clustering algorithm finds clusters of cases that contain similar paths in a sequence.

E.g.Sequence clustering algorithm may help finding the path to store a product of “similar” nature in a retail ware house.
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