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What is the use of SN.EXE?

- SN stands for Strong Name.

- Strong Name Tool (Sn.exe) is used to sign assemblies with strong names.

It provides an option for security issues like:

a. Key management
b. Signature generation
c. Signature verification

- It is automatically installed with Visual studio.

- It can be used for several purposes when working with shared components.

- It can be used to generate a new public-private key pair and to write that pair to a file.

sn [ -quiet ] [ option [parameter (s) ]]

-aIt generates AssemblySignatureKeyAttribute data to migrate the identity key to the signature key from a file.
-kIt generates a new RSACryptoServiceProvider key of the specified size and writes it to the specified file.
-mIt specifies whether the key containers are computer-specific or user-specific.
-VIIt lists the current settings for strong-name verification on this computer.
-TSTest-signs the signed or partially signed assembly with the key pair in infile.
-qIt specifies quiet mode. It suppresses the display of success messages.
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