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Describe the basic schema of a .config file.

Configuration File Schema for the .NET Framework

Configuration Files are standard XML files.

The elements that implement configuration settings are:
<configuration> Element is the top-level element for all configuration files.
<assemblyBinding> Element specifies assembly binding policy at the configuration level.
<linkedConfiguration> Element specifies a configuration file to include.

The configuration schema is for the machine configuration file, application configuration files, and the security configuration file. The following schemas describe their element purposes:

Startup Settings Schema - specification of version of the CLR to be used.

Runtime Settings Schema - configuration of assembly binding and runtime behavior.

Network Settings Schema - specification of .NET connection to the Internet.

Cryptography Settings Schema - mapping friendly algorithm names to classes that implement cryptography algorithms.

Configuration Sections Schema - creation and use of configuration sections for custom settings.

Trace and Debug Settings Schema - specification of trace switches and listeners.

Compiler and Language Provider Settings Schema - specification of compiler configuration for available language providers.

Application Settings Schema - enabling Windows Forms or ASP.NET applications to store and retrieve application-scoped and user-scoped settings.
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