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Define context menu.

- The menu that you get when you right-click is called the context menu.

- It is a modular piece of markup code that can move around the page.

- It consists of two distinct blocks - the user interface and the script code to connect the UI.

- It is a shortcut menu, which you can use to give context-specific menu options of a specified object item to the user.

- In some ways, it is simpler than MainMenu, because it is smaller and sometimes it contains only a list of menu items without any submenus.

- The menus appear in context of some specific controls, for example: cut, copy, paste.

- It can also be disabled, hidden or deleted.

Steps to create context menu:

1. Drag and drop a ContextMenu onto your form from the toolbox.
2. Drag and drop a ListView and a TextBox control onto your form.
3. Set the ContextMenu property of each control to ContextMenu1.
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