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What are Merge module projects?

- Merge module projects are used for the packaging of files or components that are shared between multiple applications.

- A merge module (.msm) file includes files, resources, registry entries, and setup logic.

- The .msm file is merged into the deployment projects for consistent installation of a component across multiple applications.

- Merge Module projects enable creation and deployment of code that can be shared by multiple applications.

- This may include Dll’s, resource files, registry based entries etc.

- The Windows database also keeps track of a reference count for those projects.

- It allows you to create reusable setup commands.

- It is a single file, which is used within the context of a Window Installer (.msi) file.

- It allows you to capture all of the dependencies for a particular component, ensuring that the correct versions are installed.

- It should never be modified, instead you should create a new merge module for each successive version of your component.

- It is used to package files or components that will be shared between multiple applications.
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