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What are the various objects in Dataset?

The DataSet class exists in the System.Data namespace.

The classes contained in the DataSet class are:
DataSet ClassDescription
DataTableIt is defined in the System.Data namespace and represents a single table of memory-resident data. It contains a collection of columns represented by a DataColumnCollection. Constraints represented by a ConstraintCollection. It also contains a collection of rows represented by the DataRowCollection.
DataColumnRelationships can be built with more than one column per table by specifying an array of DataColumn objects as the key columns.
DataRowIt retains both its current and original versions to identify changes to the values stored in the row.
ConstraintIt adds a UniqueKeyConstraint or a ForeignKeyConstraint to enforce an integrity constraints when changes are made to the related column values.
DataRelationIt identifies matching columns in two tables of a DataSet.
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