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What are the resource file and how do we generate resource file?

- Resource files are used to separate the implementation of the application from its User Interface. Thus, it eliminates the need to change at various sections of code to add a different language.

- It is an XML file which contains string and other resources.

- These files are used to store user interface strings that must be translated into other languages.

- It can be opened with a text editor and cane written to, parsed and manipulated.

- The Resource File Generator(Resgen.exe) is used to generate the resource file.

- The Resgen.exe file converts text files.

Following tasks are performed by Resgen.exe file:

- It converts text or restext files to .resource or .resx files.

- It converts .resx files to text or .resource files.

- It extracts the string resources from an assembly into a .resw file that is suitable for use in a windows.

- It creates a strongly typed class that provides access to individual named resources and to the ResourceManager.
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