Are you speaking to some other companies? Or how is your job search going on?

Are you speaking to some other companies? Or how is your job search going on?

Answer 1 - This question gives you an opportunity to let the interviewer know that other companies are also interested in hiring you and gives you leverage while negotiating the salary. You can say, Yes, I am in the final round of discussion with two other companies. Approach the interviewer as a “Problem Solver” and not as a “Job Beggar”.

Answer 2 - The answer to this question depends on the interviewer. If you feel the interviewer is friendly and your rapport is built, be honest and mention if you have any offers in hand. If you think the interviewer is a little unfriendly, avoid answering as it may come across as “boasting”.

In the former case, you can say “Yes, I do have an offer from “xyz” company. My job search is going fine and I hope it ends here”.

Which companies are you talking to?

You can maintain your integrity by refusing to disclose the names. You can simply say, they haven’t notified these openings so I believe they would not like their names to be revealed. At times, taking the competitor’s names might increase your chances of being hires. Analyze the situation and answer accordingly.

Are you ready to relocate?

You can say, for a right position and right company relocation should not be a problem but I need to know about the position more before making a commitment. Do not close the discussion at the earlier stage by saying “No”.
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