Global warming

Global warming

Global warming is the increase in temperature of the earth’s surface and oceans.

  • Different gasses emitted from power plants, cars, air planes. Gasses like Carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide are the main culprits.
  • Pollution – the polluted gasses emitted from the vehicles are the biggest cause of global warming.
  • Population – Most of the populating countries will demand more vehicles, more demand for agriculture. This results in more methane because there will be more burning of fossil fuels.
  • To start with, plants and animals will be affected the most. This is because high temperatures will melt ice in Greenland and Antarctica increasing the rise of sea level.
  • High temperatures will make agriculture next to impossible. Only areas that will be left little cold can withstand the agriculture.
  • The rise in sea level will pollute the salt water, empty reservoirs and results in water scarcity.
  • Global warming will result in more heart related ailments.
  • In the worst scenario, the environment will be destructed leading to floods, drought etc.
Solution / prevention
  • To ensure the vehicles are not emitting polluted gases.
  • To plant more trees.
  • To make extensive use of renewable energy.
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Global Warming
Global warming is a serious issue. Prevention of this is really very important. To get rid of this issue, it's very important for everyone to do more and more plantation.

Plan in a way that there should not be a vehicle per head.

Try to "go green" Stop cutting trees If we don't follow above points, then after some we only won't to be able to live on earth.
jaya Priyadarshini 12-21-2016
global warming
In environment when harm full gasses like co2 co and other oxides of oxygen are involved then they absorb coolness from globe and that's why temperature of globe rises ...
Because of high temperature the ice caps melts and water level increases...

Deforestation is also the very big reason for global warming. To overcome this problem tree plantation should be done...

The pollutants releases from industries also contains harmful content which causes global warming. To overcome this problem the emission gasses should be treated before releases them....
shashank tripathi 06-13-2013
Group Discussion- Global warming
As the global warming increasing, it is threatening the food security of the world. Global warming is showing the effects worldwide as it already slowed the economy of many countries due to rising temperature and inadequate rainfall. The production of rice and wheat has been effected due to this and rising inflation is just adding more fuel in the fire. The temperatures are rising, due to emission of greenhouse gases. These drastic changes has raised the concerns of many countries. It has caused drought in many countries like India where the imports of sugar and cereals is on decline. At earliest some good actions has to be taken to stop the global warming or at least some effort has to be put up to stop the adverse effect of it like planting of more trees and use of reusable products.
Hemant Sharma 01-8-2012