Joint family is a blessing in disguise

Joint family is a blessing in disguise

Joint families were a very common phenomenon in India. Today, until the members are not having a common business, joint families are rarely seen. Most of the children if salaried, stay out of their native place and prefer to have a nuclear family.

  • There is more attachment between family members.
  • There is a better cost control, educations assistance.
  • A sense of moral support is always there.
  • Since there are more people, you can share your problems, grief’s etc.
  • The children usually feel neglected in case of a nuclear family especially in cases where both parents are working.
  • Since children stay with elders since childhood, they are more mannered, respect others and become more responsible.

  • There is no freedom. There is too much of intrusion.
  • More people would mean more misunderstandings. This leads to more disputes in monetary terms as well.
  • In nuclear families, since people meet less often, they value each other even more.
  • The family members, especially the elderly keep questioning. This introduces more conflicts especially amongst youngsters.
  • In most cases, conflicts in joint families are usually over property. We have seen so many of such cases in news as well.
Whether a family is joint or nuclear, what really matters is respect for elders and unity.

Each family member must stand by another when in need. End of the day, it entirely depends on an individual whether or not he realizes his duties.
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RE: Joint family is a blessing in disguise
We all hear a lot of stories from our grand parents and parents.The new generation not know any of those stories.This is because of the increase in the number of nuclear family.For earning money,people shift from their own place to working place.In the joint family the grand parents,uncle,aunt,brother, nephew, niece, cousins all of them teach the behaviour, etiquette,and all to the children.They all take care of the children.But in the nuclear family,the child feel lonely and he/she don''t know about the love by the family.Both of them in the family are working,so they don''t have the time to spent for their children,It leads to wrong behaviour of the children.
Conclusion is that,it''s not about the joint family or nuclear family,it''s about the care given by the family to the children.Work and earn money is one side,on the other side take care of your children and spent more time with them and know what are all the difficulties ,likes,dislikes and all.Give them a good behaviour and thoughts.Stay Happie??
SwathiNagaraj 10-6-2017
RE: Joint Family is a blessing in disguise
I believe Joint Family is more of a blessing than disguise. It helps in the nurturing of children in a much better way, children understands the family values,respects and understand the meaning of togetherness.

However agree that there is less of freedom when you are in a joint family but that can be solved with mutual understanding. Since starting if all the members are made clear about there responsibility then there are less chances of conflict.

Conclusion is whether one is a part of nuclear or joint family focus should be of being together in all situations.
Garima Dhingra 01-28-2014
Group Discussion- Joint family is a blessing in disguise
I agree with the statement that joint family is a blessing in disguise. By being in a joint family you can feel more happy, as there will be share, people can share their views, emotions and thoughts etc. In joint family they can laugh and enjoy the meal together. A good and collective decision can be taken on very large and complex problems. In joint family the work pressure or load can be shared between the members of the family. Person can get more happiness as he never get bored. Assistance can be taken from elders and good things can be shared between the younger. Lot of other things like religious values, spiritual peace etc. can be achieved by staying in joint family.
Hemant Sharma 01-8-2012