Managers are born, not trained

Managers are born, not trained

Managing is an art. It cannot be acquired overnight.

  • There are numerous management schools. The schools and college are because none of the managers are born trained.
  • Like every professional today goes through the respective studies, managers need to as well.
  • No one is a born actor, actress, doctor or engineer. Neither are managers.
  • Management may be a very general term. However, each manager needs to excel in his stream. Different forms of managerial skills are required for each stream. They need to be trained.
  • Management does not merely include managing people and work; it requires administrative techniques as well. These cannot be inbuilt.
  • Management involves professionalism as well. This can certainly not be inbuilt. It needs to be taught.


Looking at people around (mothers especially), few people get the art of management.
  • Management is quite a practical aspect. It can’t be taught through theory in colleges.
  • Most of us through daily experiences can become managers. It cannot be taught through training.
  • Most of the successful businessmen today may not have a management degree. This is simply because management is not something that can be taught. It is inbuilt.
  • Even though training may impart some knowledge, however the skill of management can be influenced from people around.
Hence, even though managers may be born trained or not, professionalism, respect to others is what matters the most. If all of this is acquired, a manager will always excel.
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managers are born according to follett but however its skill need to be learnt fayol
fireyi Cee Wellington 05-13-2016
Managers are born not trained.
It is a true fact that every person has got some talent inbuilt. The same goes for managers too; there are people born with managerial skills. Managing is something which we learn from the practical aspects of our lives.Experience enhances managerial power but to get a right direction how where to start they should get training in that particular field. Then only the act of managing would be in right track.
Aditi Bose 03-29-2016
LEADERS are born but MANAGERS are made.....actually who is a manager..?? person who wants everything at the right place and at the right time...either the person himself does it or gets it done by someone is about managing ...not only things but also administrative aspects....let me put it this way...SACHIN TENDULKAR is undoubtedly the greatest player the world has ever seen......he has managed to achieve great heights....but when he was put AT THE HELM of Indian team....he could not justify the faith and trust that the selectors had shown in him ...fancy to know why??......because he was not inculcated with the leadership skills that one needs to lead a team......and this narrows down our argument and hence conclusion is found
TANUJ 06-29-2015
Managers are born, not trained
Managers are not born there are certain skills and knowledge that a good and effective manager needs to acuaired. There is a visible difference between a professionaly qualified and trained manager and a non trained manager. A trained one is able to understand many aspects and probablities from a particular situation and is able to manage and motivate his team in a better way.
MADHURI 04-23-2014
Group Discussion- Managers are born, not trained

I am totally disagree that managers (or any professions) are born.
Every one from birth doesn't have talents, its the environment that built s the talents in the peoples they have.
Every one learns, get nourished in different-different environments and accordingly they adopts things.
What people's views and if it is impacting him/her, they tries to become like that.
They tries to mould themselves to be in that form.
At every stage of life, peoples learned different2 things whether good or bad, and its totally depends on them what they adapts.
And in which area they want to developed themselves.
So , it concludes that managers are not born, but in some aspects they got trained either by their own or by others or by both.
And then they get developed accordingly.
Archana 01-23-2014
managers are the persons who posess the skill to manage any thing at any time for gaining the best fruits of time....
as we know that big business managers like ratan tata ,D Ambhani.S.Bharti mittal etc haven't entertained in any business school so far but they made all what the person sofar having certificate in MBA had done...Managers are the part of management itself is known for getting things done by finilises that only wise step and practising of mere mind at right time could provide us the best manger ,,,,,,,,it is also the fact that Degrees in management field enriches the knowledge of person and gives him new concept to survive most efficently ..........but i would say that all skills are dependent on the situatuioon tackling by using mind efficently to enrich the target it is now conclusion that mind does all effect in every field of management ......but the mind is in everyone by birth ,,,so it could be said that managers are born.....(
commerce friend 07-28-2012
Group Discussion- Managers are born not trained
I disagree that managers are born, as management is an art and it is the science which has to be learnt and understood before proceeding further. Manager has to be taught and gain some experience to get the expertise in a certain field and this can't be done overnight. In this competitve world, managers has to be soundly trained in the art of managerial skills and should know the work beforehand. Professional training help people to choose better career path and to make themselves better in growing in the field.
Hemant Sharma 01-10-2012
Group Discussion- Managers are born, not trained
This is a very wrong notion that managers are born, not trained in fact, mangers are trained not born. It is agreed that people are born with talents and certain skills but it is not compulsory that they are born with managerial skills that will help them to be a good manager. Students with such brilliance need guidance and training to excel. People do have raw talents from birth but they need to be polished and nourished for a successful career.
Hemant Sharma 01-7-2012