Shall we fire overweight policeman and physically unfit politicians?

Overweight air hostess are fired – shall we fire overweight policeman and physically unfit politicians?

The topic needs to be understood thoroughly. Three professions are described here:-

- Air hostess
- Policemen
- Politicians

We need to understand that the nature of jobs for all these professions is very different.

An air hostess interacts with hundreds of people everyday. She works more like a customer service agent.

It is important that she is charming and fit. After all she needs to serve the passengers. Hence it is necessary to fire over weight air hostesses.

On the other hand, it does not matter politicians are unfit.
  • Politicians are supposed to use their intelligence, analytical skills and smartness to frame out different policies and strategies for the citizens. All the attributes are independent of their weight!
  • History has proved that so many politicians who weren’t physically fit have done a lot for the country.
  • They need to concentrate on delicate issues like poverty, drainage etc rather than their weight.
  • Obviously, this does not mean they can be “unfit” and spoil their health!

Policemen, to some extent should be physically fit.
  • Their work is strenuous most of the times.
  • They are supposed to physically and mentally protect the citizens.
  • They may need to run behind thieves, criminals etc. it is important they should be physically fit.
  • They can be given warnings and a time span to reduce weight. If they fail to do so, they must be fired.
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Group Discussion- Shall we fire overweight policeman & physically unfit politicians
Fire overweight policeman- Yes
Physically unfit politicians- No
Policing requires one to be alert and ready to indulge in laborious work, which only a physical fit person can carry out. Policeman are responsible maintaining law and order, a physically unscrupulous force may not be upto the task.
A politician's work involves more mental contemplation and being obese or hoary should not be the grounds for removal said that it does not mean that politicians should become careless about their health.
Hemant Sharma 01-6-2012