Privatization will lead to less corruption

Privatization will lead to less corruption

Privatization is transmitting of ownership from the public sector to the private sector.

Corruption could be in any form and any field whether it is related to money, politics, and medicine.

  • People out of fear of being noticed very fast may be less corrupt.
  • It reduces prices of goods and has less interference of government.
  • There is a close relation between employees and managers. They both work together in order to maximize profits in the correct way. Certainly, if there are profits, corruption will be less.
  • Salaries of people are high as compared to government sector. People are constantly motivated. This reduces the changes of bribes etc.
  • Privatization gives more liberty to people.
  • Privatization will introduce more risk. More risk means people to save their assets will certainly get into corruption by any means.
  • Privatization may lead to monopoly. People are free to make any sort of “Adjustments”.
  • Corruption as a matter of fact has got nothing to do with public or private sector. It entirely depends on the people.
  • Privatizing a sector is not the solution. People are corrupt in almost all hierarchies.
Corruption in itself is bad and not acceptable from any sector and any form. Biggest examples would be Satyam. The government should not just take strict action against corruption but also try and speculate over means to avoid it.
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s.vineela 01-4-2013
Privatisation will lead less corruption
No doubt, i m agree with statement that privatization will lead less corruption but according to my opinion Privatization is one of the way of reducing corruption it will not remove to corruption from grass-root level.Because corruption is also there ex. Satyam Scam. Sometimes Government and private sector both are responsible for corruption ex. 2G scam.

privatization leads less corruption but it will also lead monopoly in future also. and as we all know that all private sectors come in to the existence only for profit not fully for public welfare. so it may happen that they might be involved in malpractices such as to sell inferior quality goods at higher prices and black marketing and so and so forth and ultimately society has to suffer. So privatization is good up to a some level and up to a some industry. ex. telecommunication industry where too many players are there and and ultimately to sustain in this field all companies are trying to reducing their charges even BSNL( government sector)also.

So in order to overcome from corruption and so many serious problems occurs in privatization we should have so many other ways ...

1.To determine new rules and regulations that work against the corruption in government sector as well as in private sector also and strictly follow by them. Such as "Lokpal Bill".

2.To determine standard of incentives and give good basic salary to government employee, introduce good pension schemes etc. so ultimately employee become efficient and effective automatically.

3.Self-control (Be ethical and never engage own self in corruption)if people have not self control then it is impossible to reduce corruption. Ex.While many people are going to take admission of their child in well recognized school at that time they gives bribe and even in front of child. it teach to child a lot of things about corruption. If people have corruption in blood then we can't do anything.

Conclusion: In order to reduce corruption we all have work together against it. only privatization is not way to reduce corruption in country.
Jenish Rana(DBIM,Surat,Gujarat) 12-9-2012
Group Discussion- Privatization will lead to less corruption
Privatization will lead to less corruption, but it is not going to remove the corruption totally from the environment. In privatization people get paid handsomely, so they don’t go for bribes and other such acts. Privatization brings lots of competition in between the industries, due to which everyone remains in the competition, such that the possibility of corruption gets reduced. People are very much motivated to do the work in private sectors and try to get the profit for the company in a right way by doing hard work. The relationship between people remains very good such that they always try to increase the profit and decrease the possibility of the corruption.
Hemant Sharma 01-8-2012