Preparation tips just before GD

Preparation tips just before GD

What will be the duration of the Group Discussion?

A GD normally lasts for 15-20 minutes.

How many members will be there in the Group Discussion?

A GD normally has 8-15 members.

Can we seek evaluator’s help during the Group Discussion?

No. It is for the group members to conduct the GD. The evaluators are spectators who are there to rate you. You should not speak to the evaluators or look at them during the GD.

Can I carry a paper and a pen along with me?

Most of the times, you should be allowed to carry a paper and a pen with you. Check it with the organizers before entering into the GD room.

Will we be given time to prepare on the subject before speaking?

Usually the group members are given 2-5 minutes to put their thoughts together on the announced subject, before speaking.

Will initiating the discussion help?

Initiating the discussion would help if you know the subject well. Speaking just for the sake of speaking would not help. If you don’t know the subject well, it is better to listen to others. When you have gathered enough information about the subject, make an entry into the GD with your thoughts.

Would interrupting others to put my point across help?

Let the other person finish what they want to say before you put your point across. Over aggressiveness can cost you negative.

How many times should I speak during the Group Discussion?

Quality matters more in a GD than quantity. Speak to the point and give others a chance to speak. A short entry of 25-30 seconds 3-4 times during the discussion is enough.

Should I address other group member by name or number?

It will be difficult for you to remember the names of all the members correctly in a short time. Rather than concentrating on remembering names, it will be good if you concentrate on the ideas you want to put across. You can refer your group members by ‘You’, ‘He’, ‘Him’.

How is aggression rated in the Group Discussion?

Aggression to the extent that the group turns hostile is bad. Its always good to stay assertive and polite.

Are we expected to keep a track of time or the evaluators will do that?

Being aware of time won’t hurt but don’t let it distract your participation in the GD.

Are we expected to argue during the Group Discussion?

GD is a discussion and not a debate where you are expected to prove your point right. Avoid arguing in the GD.
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It is a good knowledge about gd , what u do in gd , what will be your behavior and many things abiut gd . So thank you very much to share it with us.
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useful for beginners and thanks
dhinesh 09-15-2015
group discussion:
its really very useful for freshers because they have a little bit of idea about gd's careerride provides a good tips thanq
rajeswari 05-5-2015
Group discussion - useful info.
Helpful information on group discussion. Thanks!
Kavita Khandelwal 11-8-2011
Group Discussion - team activity.
Group Discussion is a "team activity". Avoid aggression.
Rakesh Kumar 11-8-2011