Personal Interview Questions with Answers - Part 2

What is your greatest strength?

Interpret this question as, what is your greatest relevant strength? Or Why should we hire you? Tell them a strength that they want to buy. For this you will need to properly understand the job profile and keep your answer ready.

For example, if the job needs you to have convincing answers ready for the any type customer’s questions, you can sell “your presence of mind” or if you are required to change you sector or industry you can offer “your adaptability” as an answer.

It is important to keep ready at least 2 examples of the mentioned strength.

What is your greatest weakness?

Interpret this question as, why shouldn’t we hire you? There 3 ways to tackle this question. Judge the situation and use one of them.

First way: Use your sense of humour. If the interview is proceeding in the light way and you have built up a good rapport with the interviewer, you can get out of it by saying “Icecream”. Accompany it with a right body language.

Second Way: If you have to answer this question seriously, give a weakness which doesn’t relate to the job under discussion. For example, you can say, I have been using a camera since childhood but I still don’t know how to mend it. If it is spoiled, I will need to take it to an expert.

Third way: Understand the requirement of the role under discussion and say that others accuse you of having that weakness but you think that it is important for your work.

For example, if the job needs a detailed study and leaving a single step might need you to re-run the whole process say that “My colleagues accuse me of having a too much eye for detail but I have experienced that to do this work you need to go into details rather than cutting corners. I have worked with people following a shorter route and doing the whole exercise again, which I would not prefer to do.”

What is your greatest achievement?

The underlying agenda is to know what personal qualities were required to achieve it. Don’t go back too far to answer this question as this might give an impression that you have not achieved anything since then.

Find a relevant answer in the recent past for this question. If you are a fresher and have been a topper of your college or university, you can say that during the interview.

Are you ambitious?

You can say that I am very ambitious in the way that I don’t like to get to get a feeling of stagnancy. I want that I should always be getting new experiences and learning new things.
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Thank you..
Thank you for answers as i am working in hospitality industry was planning to change the job and get into bpo sector but twice i have failed in the interview due to lack of knowledge of interview questions and now i am happy that something i came to how to prepare for the interview..........
Nanda Kumar 10-30-2014
Interview question
Practise for interview
Parej 06-22-2014
gd is very importent part each student life so each student should prepare it carefully.
dinesh singh chouhan 05-11-2012
HR Interview - ambitious
While companies want ambitious employees, being over ambitious may affect your selection. Ambitious employees are assets but over ambitious employees may not stick to the company.
Paresh Rawat 11-8-2011
Easy answers for difficult questions.
You have shown very easy ways to deal with tricky and tough questions - thank you.
Pratap Bansal 11-4-2011