Personal Interview Questions with Answers - Part 5

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

By asking this question, the interviewer wants to see, how ambitious the candidate is. You can say that, 5 years down the line I would like to see myself in a responsible position where I can make important decisions in the favor of company and the company treats me as its asset. I am sure that this company can offer me growth opportunities like this.

How do you feel about doing repetitive work?

You can say that I understand that every job has an element of repetitive work but I enjoy fulfilling all the aspects of my job with equal enthusiasm and give them my 100%.

How did you manage to attend this interview during your working hours?

Everybody knows that you would not ask permission from your boss to appear for an interview.

You can answer this question by simply saying that you have taken a off from the office to appear for this interview.

Would you like to work in a team or on your own?

The agenda behind this question is to understand if you are a team player or a solo performer.

It might be risky to choose any one of them as the role for which they are considering you might need you to be a team player but the career progression which they might consider for you down a year’s time may need you to handle a more autonomous position.

It is better to answer this question by saying that “I don’t have any such preference. I can comfortably handle both the situations, as the need arises.” Now back it up with examples where you successfully worked in a team and where you performed an autonomous role.

If your last boss was present here, what do you think he would tell us about you?

This is again a question which can be answered in two ways.

First way: If the situation is light, you can say that, “I am the diamond of his team, you must pick me up”. This needs to be accompanied by a right body language.

Second way: If the discussion is proceeding in a serious manner, you can pick up a formal appraisal he gave you and say that I think he would repeat it here.

Has your career developed as you had liked?

The agenda behind this question is to understand if there had been times of dip in your career and if you lay the blame for them on others. There’s nothing to be ashamed of if there have been short gap in your employment.

You can justify it by giving a convincing reason. Look at your qualifications and social environment and relate your achievements to them, to answer this question.
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