Hibernate - What are the core interfaces of Hibernate framework?

What are the core interfaces of Hibernate framework?

1. Session Interface : The basic interface for all hibernate applications. The instances are light weighted and can be created and destroyed without expensive process.

2. SessionFactory interface : The delivery of session objects to hibernate applications is done by this interface. For the whole application, there will be generally one SessionFactory and can be shared by all the application threads.

3. Configuration Interface : Hibernate bootstrap action is configured by this interface. The location specification is specified by specific mapping documents, is done by the instance of this interface.

4. Transaction Interface : This is an optional interface. This interface is used to abstract the code from a transaction that is implemented such as a JDBC / JTA transaction.

5. Query and Criteria interface : The queries from the user are allowed by this interface apart from controlling the flow of the query execution.

What are the core interfaces of Hibernate framework?

- Configuration interface
- Transaction interface
- Query and Criteria interfaces
- Session interface
- SessionFactory interface
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