5 questions for the candidate to ask during an Interview

As your personal interview progresses, the interviewer usually gives you a chance to ask him any questions that you may want to. This is not only one of the golden opportunities for you to demonstrate your interest in the company and the job but also a chance to address any concerns the interviewer might have about your candidature. If you simply sit like a dumb and say “No, I don’t think I have anything.” Or “You have already answered all my questions”, believe me you will dig your own grave.

By doing this you not only lose an opportunity to prove your suitability but also make the recruiters think twice before hiring you. Interviewers do expect some intelligent question from the candidates and when they get a dumb sounding reply at the end of an interview which they thought to be successful, their heart sinks. The recruiters also need people to fill up the vacancies and keep the work moving. They are continuously on a look out for good candidates. If towards the end of the interview they get a feeling that the candidate is probably not interested or not suitable enough to carry out the work properly, they also feel bad, as they again have to go through the whole process of finding another candidate. So, prepare yourself well in advance to ensure that you are ready to ask some intelligent questions during the interview. Here are some questions which you can ask the recruiter and the advantage they can fetch you.

1. Now as we have discussed my candidature in detail, do you have any concerns about me being able to meet the responsibilities of this role?

Advantage: If the recruiter has any concerns about you being not able to meet the responsibilities of the role, this question would provoke him to put it into words. It will give you a chance to address his concerns and convince him that you are a good candidate for the position under discussion.

2. What are the opportunities for me to grow in this role and with the company?

Advantage: This question gives you a chance to analyze the growth prospects for you with the company. At the same time, it gives the recruiter an impression that if you are an ambitious candidate but if you get proper growth opportunities, you will stick to the company.

3. Is this a new position or has fallen vacant by the separation of the last employee?

Advantage: This question would help you in understanding if the position is available because of the expansion or due to the separation of the last employee. If it is vacant after the separation of the last employee, it would be good for you to know the reason. This would also give the recruiter an impression that you are careful in selecting the job.

4. What are the major goals that would need to be accomplished in this role?

Advantage: This question would help you understand the role better and give the recruiter a confidence that the candidate is interested in taking up this job.

5. How many members would be there in my team? What will be my position among them?

Advantage: This question would help you in understanding the break up of the team and your position.

If the company has been in news during the last days and if you have any queries related to it, it is a good time to ask them.
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