List the advantages of JDBC

List the advantages of JDBC

1. Provide Existing Enterprise Data
Businesses can continue to use their installed databases and access information even if it is stored on different database management systems.

2. Simplified Enterprise Development
The combination of the Java API and the JDBC API makes application development easy and cost effective.

3. Zero Configuration for Network Computers
No configuration is required on the client side centralizes software maintenance. Driver is written in the Java, so all the information needed to make a connection is completely defined by the JDBC URL or by a DataSource object. DataSource object is registered with a Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) naming service.

4. Full Access to Metadata
The underlying facilities and capabilities of a specific database connection need to be understood. The JDBC API provides metadata access that enables the development of sophisticated applications.

5. No Installation
A pure JDBC technology-based driver does not require special installation.

6. Database Connection Identified by URL
The JDBC API includes a way to identify and connect to a data source, using a DataSource object. This makes code even more portable and easier to maintain.
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