Different types of RowSet

What are the different types of RowSet?

There are two types of RowSet:

Connected: A connected RowSet Object is permanent in nature. It doesn’t terminate until the application is terminated.

Disconnected: A disconnected RowSet object is ad-hoc in nature. Whenever it requires to retrieve data from the database, it establishes the connection and closes it upon finishing the required task. The data that is modified during disconnected state is updated after the connection is re-established.

Describe Rowset interface in JDBC.

The Rowset interface implements the bean model which is created and configured at design time and executed at runtime. Using a group of setter methods, the input is passed to the RowSet object. The RowSet object can make a connection to retrieve data throughout the life cycle and is called connected RowSet. One more flexibility is to use the disconnected RowSet. A disconnection to the data source can be made and the changes to the data can be done while disconnected and the updated data can be sent back to the original source of data.
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