JSP implicit objects - What are different implicit objects of JSP?

What are different implicit objects of JSP?

There different implicit objects of JSP are:


Explain the different implicit objects in JSP.

There are implicit objects supported by JSP. These objects are created by the container, not by the code author. These are the java objects to implement the Servlet and JSP API interfaces. There are nine (9) JSP implicit objects available.

JSP implicit objects are as follows:

 1. request : An object that implements javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest, to represent request given by the user.
 2. response : An object that implements javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse, to represent the response directed to the client.
 3. out : An object that is the instance of javax.servlet.jsp.Jsp’Writer class, to represent the output content that is to be sent to the client. The out implicit object is used to write the output content.
 4. session: An object that is an instance of a class that implements the javax.servlet.http.HttpSession object that represents a client specific conversation.
 5. application: An object that is an instance of a class that implements javax.servlet.ServletContext interface, to provide the facility of obtaining the web application to the JSP.
 6. exception: An instance of java.lang.Throwable class, to handle exceptions in a JSP. The exception is represented as an error page.
 7. config: An implicit config object that implements javax.servlet.ServletConfig interface, to provide the facility to obtain the parameters information.
 8. page: An instance of java.lang.Object class, to represent the current JSP itself.
 9. pageContext: An implicit pageContext page, to represent the context information.
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