What are the advantages of JTA over JTS?

What are the advantages of JTA over JTS?

Java Transaction API provides simple and flexible environment for the developer. It offers high-level X / Open Call Level Interface and low-level XA Call Level Interface. Using JTA needs the programmer to focus on high-level X/Open interface. The low-level XA CLI is handled by the server that provides the implementation to JTA. The indirect operations by the XA operations make the user simpler in order to manipulate the transactions.

What are the advantages of JTA over JTS?

JTA (JAVA TRANSACTION API) is more flexible and simple to use by the programmer.

The JTA API is divided into two parts

a) High-level X/Open Call Level interface (CLI)
b) Low-level XA Call Level interface (CLI)

As a programmer using JTA he has to concentrate on high-level x/open interface .The low-level XA operations are taken care of by the server which is giving the implementation to JTA API. The user will never perform XA operations directly. This makes the user simpler to manipulate with transactions.

JTS is implementation of JTA.

The J2EE SDK implements the transaction manager with JTS. But your code doesn't call the JTS methods directly. Instead, it invokes the JTA methods, which then call the lower-level JTS routines. Therefore, JTA is a high level transaction interface that your application uses to control transaction. And JTS is a low level transaction interface and EJB uses behind the scenes (client code doesn't directly interact with JTS. It is based on object transaction service (OTS) which is part of CORBA.

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