Explain how to initialize an array of objects

Explain with example how to initialize an array of objects.

Create an array with new key word as follows:
Film films[] = new Film[4];

Use individual element of array films[] with index for creating individual objects of the class. Select the appropriate constructor for sending parameters. The following example depicts this
films[0] = new Film("Shrek",133);
films[1] = new Film("Road to Perdition",117);
films[2] = new Film("The Truth about Cats and Dogs",93);
films[3] = new Film("Enigma",114);

Explain with example how to initialize an array of objects.

An array can be instantiatd in various ways as follows:
int[] arr = new int[5];

int arr[] = new int[5];

int[] arr = Array.newInstance[int, 5];

int[] arr = {0,1,2,3,4};

int[][] arr2 = new int[length1][length2];       //2D array

list1 = new Object[5];       //An array of objects
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