Explain JAXR

Explain JAXR.

- JAXR stands for Java API for Registries.

- It provides a convenient way for Java developers.

- JAXR is a standard API that is used to access XML registries (list of services available on the web) from the JAVA platform.

- A client application can use JAXR API to query the registries.

- It acts as a pluggable layer that allows access to registries implemented on different standards such as UDDI.

- It enables Java software programmers to use a single, easy to use abstraction API to access a variety of XML registries.

It provides two main packages:

1. javax.xml.registry : It consists of the API interfaces and classes.
2. javax.xml.registry.infomodel : It consists of interfaces that define the information model for JAXR.

- It gives a uniform way to use business registries which is based on open standards.
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