Java - Explain the use of ‘super’ keyword by giving an example

Explain the use of 'super' keyword by giving an example.

- The super() / super(parameters) invokes the respective constructor or a method of the super class.

- Invocation of a superclass constructor must be the first line in the subclass constructor.


- It is used to give a call to a method of the superclass in the base class.

- It is used to access the methods of a parent class.

- It is a non-static method and cannot be used inside the main method in Java.

- It invokes the constructor of the parent class.

- The Outer.super can be used to get current instance of outer class and its parent in Java.

class emp
   float salary=1000;

class department extends emp
   float salary=2000;
   void show()
       System.out.println("Salary :"+super.salary);   //Print base class salary
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