What is event adapter class? When should we use an event adapter class?

What is event adapter class? When should we use an event adapter class?

- It is a pattern which provides default implementation of interface or abstract class.

- Adapter class provides the default implementation of all the methods in an event listener interface.

- Usually adapter classes ease the programmers by providing the implementations of the listener interfaces instead of having to implement them. This is where the event adapter class comes into picture.

- These classes are useful when you want to process only few of the events that are handled by a particular event listener interface.

- Using adapters it helps to reduce the clutter in your code.

Advantages of the Adapter class:

- It increases the transparency of classes.

- It makes a class highly reusable.

- It provides a pluggable kit for developing application.

- It provides a way to include related patterns in a class.
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