Explain the underlying method of Servlet interface

Explain the underlying method of Servlet interface.

1. init()
2. service()
3. destroy()
4. getServletConfig()
5. getServletInfo()

1. init() :

- This method initializes the servlet.

- It invokes only once and automatically invoked by the servlet engine / container.

- This method is used and guarantees the actions that are to be performed before the service() method is invoked.

- This is an overloaded method with no parameter and one ServletConfig object.

- Incase of a fatal error during initialization, the init() method throws UnavailableException object.

2. service() :

- To carry a single request sent by a client, this method is used.

- This method implements / performs the paradigm of request and response.

- The request object contains the information of the service request including the client sent parameters.

- The response object is used to send the response to the client.

- The quality of handling these two methods rely on the underlying network environment.

3. destroy() :

- Invoked just before the stopping the operations by the servlet.

- It performs the resources cleaning process such memory, files, threads removal and ensures the persistence state is synchronized by the servlet’s current in-memory state.

- The destroy() method invoked only once before the unloading the servlet.

4. getServletConfig() :

- This method is used to return the servlet config object.

- This object contains the initialization parameters and startup configuration for this servlet.

- This method returns the ServletConfig object to init() method and the init() method will store this object in order to return ServletConfig object if needed.

5. getServletInfo() :

- This method returns a string that contains the information of the servlet such as version, copyright, author.

- This information is used as administrative tool and be displayed by the servlet engine.

- It returns this information in plain string form, as the information is servlet engine specific.
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