What is EJB client JAR file?

What is EJB client JAR file?

EJB client JAR file :

- This file is used for client projects.

- This file includes the .class files of the client.

- When exported this project to client, the EJB client JAR files are used and this file is described in the deployment descriptor of the EJB JAR file using element.

- It is the path name which specifies the location of EJB client JAR file in the containing J2EE Enterprise Application Archive (.ear) file.

What is EJB client JAR file?

- An EJB client JAR file is an optional JAR file that can contain all the class files that a client program needs to use the client view of the enterprise beans that are contained in the EJB JAR file.

- If you decide not to create a client JAR file for an EJB module, all of the client interface classes will be in the EJB JAR file.
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