Linux - What is BSS(Block Started by Symbol)?

What is BSS?

- It is a group of business elements which is used in networking to help service providers to gain customer insight, compile real-time subscriptions.

- BSS stands for Business Support System.

- It is also known as Operational Support System (OSS).

- It is critical because it helps service providers to support and extend operations to enhance business services.

- It provides a service provider with a convergent, integrated and synchronized business environment.

Roles of BSS:

1. Product management
2. Customer management
3. Revenue management
4. Order management

1. Product management:

- It supports product development, sales and management of products.
- It offers and bundles to businesses and mass-market customers.
- It includes cross-product discounts, appropriate pricing and managing how the products relate to one another.

2. Customer management:

- It covers requirements for partner management and 24x7 web-based customer self-service.
- It can also be thought of as full-fledged customer relationship management systems implemented to help customer care agents handle the customers in a better and more informed manner.

3. Revenue management:

- It focuses on billing, charging and settlement,
- It can handle any combination of OSS service, products and offers.
- It supports OSS order provisioning and often partner settlement.

4. Order management:

- It is a beginning of assurance is normally associated with OSS.
- BSS is the business driver for fulfillment management and order provisioning.
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