Explain the hardware requirement of MIDP

Explain the hardware requirement of MIDP.

The MIDP is intended for small devices with limited memory, CPU and display capabilities.

The hardware requirements for MIDP are:

Memory: At least 128 KB of RAM for installation of MIDP. There must be at least 32KB for Java heap. At least 8KB of non-volatile memory is required.

Display: Screen should be at least 96 pixels wide and 54 pixels high. A screen must support at least 2 colors. PDAs have 160 pixels and support 65536 colors.

Input device: RIM wireless handheld at the one end of the spectrum that has complete alphanumeric keyboard. Palm-based OS handsets have facilities for writing on the screen in the form of shorthand known as Graffiti.

Explain the hardware requirement of MIDP.

one-handed keyboard
two-handed keyboard
touch screen

Non-volatile memory for MIDP components (128 kB)
Non-volatile memory for application-created persistent data (8 kB)
Volatile memory for Java runtime (32 kB)

Two-way, wireless, with limited bandwidth

Screen size: 96 x 54
Display depth: 1-bit
Pixel shape: 1:1
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