Marketing types - Basic marketing, Reactive marketing, Accountable marketing, Proactive marketing, Partnership marketing

Explain - Basic marketing, Reactive marketing, Accountable marketing, Proactive marketing, Partnership marketing.

Basic marketing

Basic marketing is the set of activities used to get your potential customer's attention. After this one has to formulate the communication in a manner so as to motivate them to buy. Thereafter the efforts are directed towards getting the customers to actually purchase. And then the ultimate goal that is to get them to buy the product again and again .This process on the whole is referred to as basic marketing.

Reactive marketing

Reactive marketing is the most widely used approach in marketing. Reactive marketing is based on the concept of react ,which mean for example if a competitor company is following certain marketing practices with good resultant output we do the same by slight change in design or price and adopting the same marketing policies. The ease of approach in reactive marketing is the very reason for its popularity. At times due to stiff competition in the market a firm might have no choice but to follow it so as to survive in the marketplace and make profits.

Accountable marketing

Accountable marketing works on the concept that all the targeted marketing communications should be accounted for in terms of the result or output they generate. In other words every act of communication should concentrate on a unique selling or a benefit driven point related to the product which ultimately results in motivating the customer and adding on to the brand image of a brand or the product on a whole.

Proactive marketing

Proactive marketing basically is an innovative form of marketing which is based on new ideas in terms of the creative content used as well as the creativity involved in the formation of marketing strategies. It definitely involves a lot more work but the end result might be much better than other forms of marketing. Doing something new and different in the market place to attract the attention of the consumer is the core aspect of proactive marketing.

Partnership marketing

The customer is always looking for something more than what the actual benefits of a product might be. Thus partnership marketing plays ball on the very fact to create marketing communication and propositions for the customer which include value addition of benefits to customer ,sourced and negotiated with a third partner. The benefit in this form of enhanced propositions is that not only is it beneficial for the consumer and the brand but also for the third partner by reducing costs of marketing communications. Partnership marketing basically aims at adding more and more value to the benefits derived by a customer.
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