Networking - What is Router? Explain components of Routers

What is Router? Explain components of Routers.

The way switches connect multiple computers, a router connects multiple networks. Routers comprise of data consisting of large tables of networks and addresses. Routers use algorithms to determine the shortest route to an address in a network.

What are the basic components of routers?

Components of Router

Internal components:
a. ROM:- Used to store the routers bootstrap details, operating system software.
b. Flash memory: - holds the operating systems images. The content is retained when the router is restarted.
c. RAM: - Used to store the Routing tables, configuration files, caching and buffering details. Content is lost when lost router is switched off or restarted.
d. NVRAM:- Stores the routers startup config files. Data is non volatile.
e. Network interfaces to connect router to network.

External components:
a. Virtual terminals: For accessing routers
b. Network management stations.
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