Networking - Explain token ring technology

Explain token ring technology.

In this technology, all the devices are arranged in a circle. A token moves around the circular network. A device waits for the token before it sends its frame. Once it receives token, it initiates transmission of its frame.
Networking - What is CSMA and CD concept?
What is CSMA and CD concept? - In CSDA (carrier sense multiple access), presence of any digital signal in a network is checked before transmission. ........
Networking - What is NetBIOS protocol?
What is NetBIOS protocol? - NetBIOS (Network Basic Input/Output System) Protocol allows applications on separate computers to communicate over a LAN.........
Networking - What is IGMP protocol?
What is IGMP protocol? - Internet Group Management Protocol, allows internet hosts to multicast. i.e. to send messages to a group of computers. .........
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