Operating System - What is a command interpreter?

What is a command interpreter?

The part of an Operating System that interprets commands and carries them out.

A command interpreter is the part of a computer operating system that understands and executes commands that are entered interactively by a human being or from a program. In some operating systems, the command interpreter is called the shell.

The BIOS is looking for the files needed to load in case of Windows is the Command.com. The required files are Command.com, IO.sys, and Msdos.sys to get Windows started. They reside in the Root of the C Drive.

What is a command interpreter?

A command interpreter is a program which reads the instructions given by the user. It then translates these instructions into the context of the operating system followed by the execution. Command interpreter is also known as ‘shell’
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Operating system
Give long in detail answer
Ashish dubey 12-14-2018
command interprater
Command interparter is also known as command interpretation .
In operating system it provides a set of commands, which users use to give instructions to a
Computer for execution of their jobs.
Commands supported by command interprater are known as
System calls.
When any user gives instructions to a computer by using these
System calls, command interprater interprates these commands and directs the computer's
resources to handle the user's requests.
Hence' command interprater provides a user interface to hide hardware
details of a system from its users.
Sandhya 01-16-2014