What is advantage of having disk shadowing/ Mirroring in oracle?

What is advantage of having disk shadowing/ Mirroring in Oracle?

Most of the operating systems have the ability to maintain the duplicate and synchronized copies of the files via a process known as the disk shadowing, volume shadowing or mirroring.

There are mainly two advantages of a disk shadowing:

1. The shadow set of the disks serve as a backup in the event of a disk failure. Most of the operating systems the disk failure causes the corresponding disk from the shadow will set automatically and take place of the failed disk. It shows fast recovery of data.

2. Improved performance since most OS supports volume shadowing that can direct file I/O request to use the shadow set of files instead of the main set of files. This redirection will reduce the I/O load on the main set of the disks and will result in better performance.

- The method of shadowing that is used will effect the files that are distributed across the devices.
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