PHP - What is the difference between echo and print statement?

What is the difference between echo and print statement?

It can accept multiple expressions.It cannot accept multiple expressions.
It is faster than print as it does not return any value.It is slower than echo as it returns a value.
It is a statement used to display the output and can be used with the parentheses echo or without the parentheses echo.It is also a statement which is used to display the output and used with the parentheses print() or without the parentheses print.
It can pass multiple string separated as (,).It cannot pass multiple arguments.
It doesnt return any value.It always returns the value 1.
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sir how to fetch data through database in php... can anyone explain it this methdology
Harendar 09-3-2014
Major diff between echo and print
Echo doesn't returns anything while print returns the result or false
VArun Jain 06-13-2013