PHP - What are the functions for IMAP?

What are the functions for IMAP?

IMAP is used for communicate with mail servers. It has a number of functions. Few of them are listed below:

1. Imap_alerts – Returns all the imap errors occurred
2. Imap_body – Reads the message body
3. Imap_check – Reads the current mail box
4. Imap_clearflag_full – Clears all flags
5. Imap_close – close and IMAP stream
6. Imap_delete – Delete message from current mailbox
7. Imap_delete_mailbox – Deletes a mailbox
8. Imap_fetchbody – Fetches body of message
9. Imap_fetchheader – Fetches header of message
10. Imap_headers – Returns headers for ALL messages
11. Imap_mail : send a mail
12. Imap_sort- Sorts imap messages

What are the functions for IMAP in PHP?

Internet Message Access Protocol functions are used for retrieval of email messages. The clients using IMAP usually leaves messages on the email server until they are deleted explicitly by the user.

The following are some of the frequently used function from IMAP library.

1. imap_open: To open an IMAP stream to a mail box
2. imap_headers: Used to return headers for all emails
3. imap_headerinfo: To read the email header.
4. imap_delete: To mark the mails for deletion.
5. imap_expunge: Delete all emails marked for deletion.
6. imap_mail: To send an email message to a recipient.
7. imap_body: To read the body of an email
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