What is a Portlet? Explain its capabilities

What is a Portlet? Explain its capabilities.

- Portlets are UI components that are pluggable and are managed, displayed in a web portal.

- Markup code fragments are produced by the portlets which are aggregated into a portal page.

- A portlet resembles an application that is web based and is hosted in a portal. Email, discussion forums, news, blogs, weather reports are some of the examples of portlets.
Portal architecture
Portal architecture - Automaton Server, Image Server, Search Server, Collaboration Server, Content Server, Authentication Server and Remote Servers..
What is PortletSession interface?
What is PortletSession interface? - User identification across many requests and transient information storage about the user is processed by PortletSession interace....
What is PortletContext interface?
What is PortletContext interface? - The portlet view of the portlet container is defined by PortletContext. It allows the availability of resources to the portlet.....
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