Project Management - What is Black box and White box testing?

What is Black box testing?

Black box testing or functional testing means testing the software for the outputs when specified inputs are provided. It is usually performed to see if the software meets the user’s requirements. There’s no focus on what goes behind running that software. An example of this could be manual testing of the system by a tester, assembly testing.

What is White box testing?

White box testing is done to test the accuracy of logic and code of the program. It is done by programmers who know the logical flow of the system. It can be done by testing the classes or components in isolation. One of the ways of doing it is Unit Testing.

What is black box testing and White box testing?

Black box testing is an external perspective of the object that is to be tested to obtain test cases. These tests may be functional or non functional. The valid and invalid inputs are tested by the testers to determine the correct output. Black box testing focuses on functional requirements testing.

Also known as glass box testing is used for testing design test cases which are internal in structure. It demands programming skills for identifying the paths through the software. The test inputs are chosen by the tester to exercise paths through the code to determine the outputs that are appropriate.
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